Éowyn is presently in Vanuatu in position 19:31.491S 169:29.727E

Éowyn is presently in Port Resolution, Tanna, Vanuatu  in position 19:31.491S 169:29.727E - We arrived here at noon on 6th July after a pretty lively passage. Sailing was varied and apart from a 12 hour calm was mainly 20 knots or more. The last 24 hours was upwind, our first extensive beat since St. Lucia

Tanna is primitive and very interesting indeed. The people are a delight as is often the case in remote and supposedly poor areas. They are certainly very rich in community spirit!
In many places in Tanna, the traditional lifestyle remains in tact. This was certainly the case in Port Resolution where we made our landfall. The village life was much the same as centuries ago. T e society is dominated by two things, men and coconut palms. The former control all important aspects of society and the latter provide most materials needed to build a house and live day today life. The houses themselves are both dry and very cool inside. Ironically when outside aid is given, it often comes in the shape of a concrete building far less suitable to the conditions than the coconut one!
We had dinner in one house used by the family as a restaurant for visitors. £5 bought us a magnificent lobster dinner!
Tanna is one of the few places in the World where it is possible to visit an active volcano. We took the long 4x4 journey and on the way stopped to see a Kastom village and traditional male dancing.
Kastom Dancing
Afterwards the Yasur volcano at dusk provided amazing and memorable sights.


Mount Yasur Volcano in Daylight and Dusk



Sadly we had to miss the major event on Thursday, which was the formal exchanging of gifts with the villagers of Port Resolution. We were off to Port Vila for haulout and antifouling.

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