Pirates of the Caribbean

YO HO HO! and a bottle  of rum (or two or more....). This is the film set where they tried to hang Jack Spratt in Wallilabou Bay St Vincent.

If you'd like to follow him (sailing not hanging), why not join the crew? You'd be much more comfortable as we've chartered a Leopard 42 Catamaran (4 double en suite cabins), and we're island hopping North from St Lucia to St Martin from May 21st to June 4th.

See my profile on the web site for more details, or contact me by e-mail: john@hanford-associates.co.uk . We're paying for the boat so you just need personal expenses and share food and drink ect.

Avast me hearties!

John Hanford

John Hanford, 17.02.2011 | More from John Hanford’s blog