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5.30 am,up most of the night,going hammer and tongs,almost sick with tiredness.Fell asleep at helm,found myself pointing the wrong way.Get a grip mate.

Now 10 miles off the Lizard. Brand new sparkly day. little breeze fresh and the Cornish coast is looking as beautiful as it can be,lit up by the early morning sun. One mile from the coast,Clarence takes off to the mainland with a clatter of wings. Tide running out ,can’t make Black Rock on one tack,so put another huge one in for 20 minutes so I can pass close by the point and waive to Helen B’s parents.Don’t reckon I’ll drop a place doing that.Pass it at There they are in red waving an umbrella.How lovely to see them. Big waves back and a tear or 2. .

Tack right up to the marina as the engine is drawing air and misbehaving ,put it on,sails down, enter marina,engine dies,frantic ripping off of engine box,spanner and bleeding engine furiously. Starts up,come in fast before it dies again.Lots of hands helping.On land. Legs in lots of pain,pulled muscles, bruises everywhere. Smiles, thumping back clapping, well dones . A mountain just slid off my shoulders. Champagne at 8.00am on a competitors boat. Laughs and smiles and jokes and hugs .

Apparently Got a third IRC2 and second single hander in class.await confirmation . A Proper grown up result .

looking back,in reflection, I have been terribly wound up at stages about
where I am on the leader board,miles out to sea. It is actually not so much about the winning doing a huge race like this (yeah,yeah,so say all the losers ), it's the experience of the difficulties and challenges of preparing and presenting the boat at the start line, and in turn managing to navigate all the way down to a tiny island deep in the Atlantic 1000 miles from the nearest land in your own little plastic boat,nobody to help you,nobody to turn to , a sort of extreme management/survival/ skill thing if you like.

I have had repeated calls and emails about how amazing this adventure was and some very generous comments which I simply do not deserve.Really the most important thing about of of this is that we are all capable of amazing things if only we try.They don't have to be big, scary things like sailing to the Azores ,it's achieving something or learning about something,perhaps trying something for the first time. You see a child playing the piano really well, its an astonishing thing to watch.But they only became that good by learning and learning and practicing and practicing.Then everyone thinks they are amazing, they feel amazing and they are amazing.When I get back home,for the rest of my life I will know deep down I have done this amazing thing. I want you to feel like  that.It's a delicate,special feeling.We so easily forget that, each one of us can achieve whatever we want out of life .You just have to go for it with all your heart. Sometimes things will work,and sometimes they won't, but if you don't really give it a go you will never know.We all have have the rest of our lives to be amazing.

But, guys ,If you really want to see amazing people, visit a children’s
hospice like Shooting star Chase. If I could behave like one of those dear sweet little souls for just one day I would be proud of my life for ever. Please, please just throw an extra couple of quid in my collection pot, on my website , and thank you all for tuning in.


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