Week One, Amber Sea

First week over, I am staying in a motel in Boothbay Harbour, Maine, as I can't stay on Amber Sea (Moody 38 CC) until she is launched.
Checked and serviced all the seacocks, cleaned out the engine heat exchanger which was full of rubber bits from the two impellers that melted and broke up when the pump went and the engine overheated. The new AIS is fitted under the spray hood, another safety feature for dodging big ships!
Paying craftsmen to do these bits while I pass tools, get in the way, and learn.
Next week I will rub down the ant-fouling patches from the repairs in Tortola and re-patch with coppercoat, which should arrive on Monday. Then she can be launched and the mast and sails put back on. May well be close to ready by the end of next week.

Mike should be here early next week, and we can crash on with the work together. Plan to leave for Nova Scotia about 14th May.

Malcolm Lewis-Jones, 04.05.2011 | More from Malcolm Lewis-Jones’s blog