BOATS - design, building, buying, rigs, fittings, engines, electrics, repair and maintenance.

CRUISING - techniques, boat handling, seamanship, crewing, anchors and moorings, knots, flags, safety and cooking.

DATA - the latest pilot books, cruising guides,  almanacs and tidal data, legal matters.  These ae reference books for use only within the Club House;  they can be found in the lefthand cupboard.  All questions yoiu might have on the catalogue system in this section are answered on the informtion sheet pinned up in that cupboard

FUN/FACT/FICTION - factual of general nature, oceans, seas and marine biology, marine art fiction —' tales, long, short and tall', nautical humour and bunkside books.

HISTORY - Naval History, biographies, descriptions of evolution of nautical arts & crafts

METEOROLOGY - Meteorology in general, weather forecasting, equipment and instruments

NAVIGATION - Techniques of pilotage, coastal and offshore navigation, development and use of navigation equipment

RACING - Racing rules, techniques

SAILS - Design, care and repair of sails, sailmaking & sailmakers.

The authors are listed alphabeticaly within each category and each book has its own catalogue number.