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Replacing your Boat's Electrical System


Mike Westin;

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The title " Replacing your Boat's Electrical System" is rather daunting if like me you would never dream of undertaking such a project  and if something electrical does go wrong a call to the local marina electrician has been the only solution.  To be frank having read the book I still wouldn’t have the confidence to undertake a major upgrade myself.  However, I found it excellent to help me understand how my electrics work, how they should be maintained and most importantly my tool box now has the essentials for any DIY repairs.


Boat Electrics Course

This course is divided into two logical halves: on the one hand, generating or acquiring electrical energy and storing it; on the other hand, using that energy in a boat’s systems. Along the way, optimising the use of a scarce resource at sea and avoiding corrosion are covered. Included in the cost of the course is a copy of a boat electrics handbook. No previous knowledge of physics or electrical theory is required.

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