Channel Row tracking link and video

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This time tomorrow we hope to have finished the Channel Rowing Challenge that Team Mums Away have been working towards since January. The team is well prepared, the forecast could not be better, and we are hoping for a smooth row out to mid-Channel and back to finish at Dover. We've had two practice rows of 22 miles each, the final one has been condensed into this 2 minute video

We will have tracking devices on the two cutters we will be rowing tomorrow, so if you want to follow our progress login to:

login: theahoycentre

Thank you to everyone at the Little Ship Club who has supported, encouraged and sponsored us along the way. We have raised a total of £44,000 for The AHOY Centre which far exceeded our target. We've enjoyed the experience of working and rowing together and building a strong team. Now for the final hurdle.

We're still accepting donations, if you'd like to make a donation to The AHOY Centre's work: