Club celebrates Her Majesty's Jubilee

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The flotilla of small boats flying Commonwealth flags above Southwark Bridge

By definition these events happen very rarely and we were privileged to be able to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on Sunday, 3rd June.

The Club’s vantage point on the river enabled us to enjoy an unrivalled viewpoint from which to watch the River Pageant. Well over 200 members and guests crowded the Club to enjoy this unique spectacle, not even the weather could dampen the spirits on a day on which the Club presented a wonderful shop window of all that is great about the Little Ship Club. The view was spectacular, the food wonderful and the fellowship and spirit of celebration everything that you would expect. We were fortunate to have a unit of London URNU with us to salute the Royal boats and to dip the Club’s ensign in salute to the Queen and her family as they passed in front of the Club.

I would like to give my personal thanks, which I know reflects the sentiments of all members and guests there, to the catering staff and to the volunteer members who made the occasion so special, the Club looked wonderful, decked out as it was in Union flags, signal flags and bunting. If we weren’t already proud to be members surely this was an occasion to show that pride – a true red letter day in our history. The day was also very special to me, as Commodore, as I was presented with a newly commissioned “Commodore’s jewel” to be worn on special occasions by the Commodore of the day. Livery Companies have such regalia and it is right that the Little Ship Club should also have such a badge of office. I thank Vice Commodore Iain Muspratt for organising this most generous gesture.

Perhaps other members would like to post their thoughts of the day and to share their photographs.

I’m afraid I cannot close without mentioning the execrable coverage of the event by the BBC. I watched this on Monday morning once I got home. What a wasted opportunity! Inane commentary by ill-prepared, almost infantile commentators more suited to reality TV than serious descriptive and informed coverage of such an event. Why did the coverage have to be dumbed-down in this way? This was a disservice to the participants and a snub, in particular, to the Dunkirk veterans and to the many participants in the Avenue of Sail who received no coverage at all. The BBC seemed to pay scant regard to the Country’s maritime heritage deeming it more important to comment on hats and Jubilee recipes. But not even this could spoil such a wonderful day, a great privilege to be a part of it.  

The flotilla of small boats flying Commonwealth flags above Southwark Bridge