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We have 5 new HPOs:

Jane HARRISON,    Mega Yacht Servcices, ST MAARTEN, Caribbean.

Ronan BEIRNE,       DUN LAOGHAIRE, Co. Dublin.   LSC has reciprocal membership with The National Yacht Club, and Ronan looks forward to welcoming LSC members.

Angus ANNAN,         LOCH LOMOND, Scotland.    Angus looks foward to welcoming LSC members wishing to sail this very different location.

Jerome RENIER,    LE ABER WRACH|, Brittany.   Jerome is Harbour Master and looks forward to welcoming LSC members visiting Brittany.

Larry BLOUNT,        ANNAPOLIS, USA.      Larry is a Corinthian sailor and known to many LSC Members.

Andrew Barrett has stepped down as HPO Annapolis after many years assisting LSC members on Corinthian Cruises.

Dr John Dunlop, BELFAST & STRANGFORD LOUGH, has stepped down after many years as HPO.  Two names in the pipeline.

When you are sailing or making a flying visit to any places where we have HPOs, please try to remember to make contact to say 'HELLO' or get together - our HPOs are often forgotten and it would be nice to make them feel active members of the Club.

HAPPY SAILING ....and fair weather!