Meeting another HPO in Scotland

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With Cairns in Arbroath

Sailing up the east coast of the UK seems to be bleak involving long journeys before finding a marina to break the journey, but all Tim’s planning has now fallen into place and we have stayed in some fascinating docks, marinas and fishing ports.

Since my last blog we have practically motored right up the east coast and the next HPO was on the east coast of Scotland and we spent 1½ days in Arbroath, a very pretty dock marina surrounded by the typical grey stone houses, fishing sheds and being a Sunday, people strolling around, some sitting down eating huge ice creams and others attempting to eat fish and chips with flocks of seagulls waiting expectantly for the chance to grab a chip and the pungent smoke from the Arbroath Smokies drifting across the marina all day.

Cairns Birrell, HPO Arbroath drove down to meet us, the sun was shining for once and we had coffee on deck giving Tim an excellent chance to pick Cairns knowledge of the area.  Cairns flies down for the HPO dinner and it is always good to meet up with HPOs who have come such a long way.  As we are sailing north to finish this section of our journey at Wick, this will be my last blog for quite a while till we return in a month’s time on our way down the west coast of Scotland where we hope to meet our HPO in Largs just before we lay the boat up for the winter in Kip.  

I am spreading the word for the HPOs by meeting as many of them as I can and hope that members will do the same during this sailing season.

With Cairns in Arbroath