Pageant thanks from Sheemaun

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Dear Crew and Friends,

My sincere thanks to those who worked so hard prepare Sheemaun.  My thanks to my splendid crew who helped cruise her the 150 miles round trip from the Royal Harbour Ramsgate to Tower Bridge and back and who put up with very heavy, indeed dangerous seas on the return. My thanks to our valued guests who braving the heavy rain brought such a wonderful celebratory spirit (and other spirits) to the ship and who made it such a memorable day of celebration.  My thanks to the Little Ship Club for generous help and for raising such a magnificent contribution to the charity 'Help for Heroes' and yes, Sheemaun was proud to be the Little Ship Club Flagship.

I attach a letter received today from the Marquess of Salisbury thanking us for taking part in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant and expressing the Queen's appreciation.

I am also copying this letter to a very special person across the Atlantic Ocean in Canada, a lady who then a teenager, crewed on Sheemaun in the Summer of 1935. Helen Richards' father, Ernest Richards a banker, had commissioned the design and building of Sheemaun and after the sea trials kept her moored at Conway North Wales. The picture I also attach was published in "The Motor Boat" on October 4th 1935 when our Queen's Grandfather King George the Fifth was on the Throne.  Ernest Richards is seen standing on the foredeck and Helen Richards' mother is the lady in the white hat seated.

Helen now aged 92 is therefore Sheemaun's most senior Crew! I wonder what her father Ernest might have said had he been told that one day Sheemaun would become a Flagship of National Historic Ships UK and one day would take part in the 60th Anniversary Pageant of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

I am grateful to Emerald Laing of National Historic Ships UK for having put Helen's daughter Sue Reid in touch with me.

Yours Aye,