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Gordon Oscroft  MSc  CEng MIET   Member 

Committie member of GWSC (Grafham Water Sailing Club) for 11 years 

I have sailed since 1952 having first learnt on the Norfolk Broads in a Lug sailed dinghy.  Over the next 20 years sailed many of the typical boates of this area from 14 ft Norfolk Dinghys up to Norfolk punts and Racing Cruisers and handled many motor boats on holiday .  Many of the boats of this period are now, unfortunately just pictures and memories. The most exciting sail of this period was in a Great Yarmouth one design of 1905, which was a light weight 20 ft half decked lug sail boat with a racing 500 sq ft sail made of silk.  Even in light winds, with a crew of 5, it would try and sail under.   After a few years working abroad we returned to live near Cambridge where I have raced on Grafham water for the last 40 years. 

I started serious sea sailing in the 90's with friends on the East coast and the Solent.  We had a part share of a Sunfast 33.4 in Greece for 11 years.  We have also  chartered in the West Indies, Croatia and Turkey.