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Chris has sent the following reminder to LSC MEMBERS and hopes to see more boats in the coming year:-

Sorry for the delay in completing the HPO questionnaire but we have been very busy moving Menorca to a more convenient position so that members can find it and that it is not too far for them to cruise !!

Seriously, we had one visitor last year who was n with me continually before his arrival, only to arrive the week that I had to go back to UK!  Anyway, life is great on our little island and I just wish more people would come and see why we have spent 20 years of our lives here. Please ask anyone who requires more information about our cruising area to contact me and I will be only too pleased to encourage them to visit us.

I regret to say that January is a difficult month for us to get back to UK, as our other love is running  an Amateur Drama Club for local charities and our busiest time of year is Christmas  and pantomime time.   Kind regards, Chris Collman