The River Lot - Our thanks to Caroline!!

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When we signed up for the Rally, we little suspected that the most difficult part would be our navigation through the murky waters of French bureaucracy and labor actions.  From the beginning Caroline provided some of the most extensive guidance and material that I have seen and once disruptions in train and Air travel occurred she worked tirelessly to provide assistance wherever she could.  We were all extremely appreciative and thankful to her. 

Salsa 7, our boat of both Corinthian and LSC members, worked out wonderfully!  Grace Giraldo, one of our Corinthian Crew, treated us all to many outstanding meals.  The Caves at Pech Merle were once in a lifetime experience for us.  The Vineyard tour and the dinner events were outstanding!  We formed many new friendships and renewed existing ones.   Events like this is why I became an overseas member of the LSC in addition to my Corinthian membership.  We look forward to seeing many of you in the joint event next year.

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