Ronhilda - Crew Wanted for a Riddle in the Sands Cruise this Summer.

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Frisian Islands

I am taking Ronhilda back to Riddle in the Sands waters this summer to cruise some of the Frisian Islands again, weather permitting.

If anybody is interested in joining Ronhilda you will be most welcome, the cruise will be between Saturday 22nd June and Sunday 7th July from and to Eastbourne.

The preceeding and following weekends will be used to trip Ronhilda from Chichester to Eastbourne and return which are nice cruises along the coast and for which crew will also be welcomed.

This plan and dates should avoid having to visit any Belgium port and the start of the Dutch School holidays after which harbours get really full. The weather will dictate if I enter the sands at Texel or East of Borkum.

These watersheds or Wantij are amazing passages for shoal draft craft but no place to get caught in high winds as you end up sailing between walls of white water. The book describes this very well and having had to do this it is quite thought provoking. If needed I will revert to Plan B and scoot into the canals which are equally fascinating.  The only limitations Ronhilda has on the canals is her air draft of 20M plus – her water draft of 1.3M allows most harbours to be accessed and we can also experience drying out on the sands if there are gentle winds as well.

If you are interested, please contact me on

Please note I am away until at least May on was supposed to be a short term Belgium contract at the moment so cannot get to the Clubhouse to meet anybody.