Jester Atlantic Challenges, Speaker: Paul Mead


Tue, 25/04/2017 - 19:15

We're delighted to welcome Paul Mead to the Club, to speak about the history of the Jester Challenges including his 2014 Atlantic challenge.

In 1960 Colonel Blondie Hasler challenged anyone to race their boat against him single-handed across the Atlantic Ocean. The ethos of the race was based upon good boat preparation and good seamanship. There were no rules, no entry fees, no safety requirements, no boat restrictions and no prizes. All but one of the five boats which entered was 25 feet or less in length. Hasler entered his uniquely designed folk boat called Jester. The race went on to become the OSTAR we know today.

The talk traces the history of Jester herself to the point where under OSTAR rules she became in-eligible to enter further races. This was followed in 2006 by a group of small boat enthusiasts deciding to recreate in honour of Hasler and Jester the ethos of that first Atlantic Challenge. The Jester Challenges of today have been successful in providing a platform for single-handed yachtsmen in boats typically under 30 feet to enjoy the freedom and satisfaction of blue-water sailing.

Please join us for this talk, which will be followed by Club Supper.

Main course Grilled Barnsley chop, rosemary jus, dauphinoise potatoes, buttered French beans and carrots

Dessert Poached pear in cider, vanilla crème Anglaise and crumble crumbs

Vegetarian Mushroom risotto, truffle oil, parmesan and sundried tomato