The Mary Rose Story, Speaker: Edward Sutton


Tue, 21/03/2017 - 19:00

This illustration of The Mary Rose (by Geoff Hunt who was President of the Royal Society of Marine artists) shows the ship as she would have been in 1545 before she sank in battle with the French. As well as sailing for 55 years, (a member of Hardway Sailing Club, and keeping his boat on swinging moorings in Portsmouth), amateur nautical  archaeologist and ex scuba diver Edward Sutton has particular interest in Solent  wrecks and hulks. He will come to the Club from the Mary Rose Information Group, which was formed to provide speakers on the subject and active in archaeological reconstruction projects involving the Mary Rose.

Followed by Club Supper

Main course Chicken and mushroom pie, truffle scented creamed potatoes, roasted vegetables

Dessert Lemon tart, raspberry coulis

Vegetarian (Could you please let us know by 7.00pm) Roasted pepper stuffed with Quinoa vegetables, goat’s cheese, and tomato salsa