Fast Cruise Course 21 January 2017

The courses are shorter than this one was.

Here is the course for this Saturday's fourth fast cruise of the 2016-2017 winter season. Click the link below to download the pdf with full details.

Please note - the definitive course is indicated by the POSITION and order of the marks as shown in the table and on the chartlet. Names of buoys used are for assistance only and should not be relied upon in the event of any ambiguity. Please note some marks may vary from their charted position by up to 100m - see QHM Portsmouth website noted below.

At the request of the organisers there is only one course this month, to be sailed by all boats. There will consequently be a greater divergence of finishing times than usual. Comments/feedback on this arrangement are encouraged before next month. Please note that if you retire you are asked to advise race control - full details are in the course document. In case of light winds please be alert for shorten course instructions which also will be given via VHF Ch 77 if required. When reporting start and finish times please also advise the boats ahead and astern if possible (see instructions).

This month's post cruise destination is Portsmouth where there are significant local regulations of concern to all participants. All competitors should peruse the QHM Portsmouth website and pay careful attention to the relvant contents, especially concerning entry/exit and transiting the harbour.

Those boats berthing at Gunwharf Quay should call up on VHF Ch 80 for berthing instructions.

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