RYA Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Offshore Shorebased


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This advanced course is ideal for candidates preparing for the Yachtmaster Coastal Practical Course and essential for those wishing to progress to the Yachtmaster Coastal or Yachtmaster Offshore Certificates of Competence. The course covers navigation, meteorology, collision avoidance, safety and passage planning.

Building on the Day Skipper syllabus, this course covers more advanced skills in coastal and offshore navigation and pilotage by day and night.

Course topics include:
• position fixing
• course shaping and plotting
• tidal knowledge
• use of almanacs and admiralty publications
• electronic position finding equipment
• taking and interpreting forecasts
• plotting weather systems
• weather predictions using a barometer and by observation
• collision regulations
• customs and excise regulations for cruising abroad.

It allows some time for revision of the basics and then moves on to advanced navigation techniques.

If you own your own boat or are involved in chartering and wish to progress to more ambitious passage making you will find this course invaluable.

The prices include the provision of all course materials, the RYA Navigation Handbook, the RYA Weather Handbook and "A Seaman's Guide to the Rules of the Road".

In addition students will require a course plotter and nautical dividers kit available as an exclusive Little Ship Club package for only £20. Some 2B pencils, an eraser and pencil sharpener are also essential items. The Course Leader may suggest additional reading material.
Two courses are offered:

A long course (Yachtmaster A) which starts on the 3rd October 2016 and is every Monday evening until the 24th April 2017 with a break after the 5th December until the 9th January for Christmas and a break on Easter Monday.

The price of this course is:

Club members £195.00
Non-members £350.00 (includes club membership for the duration of the course).

An accelerated course (Yachtmaster B). This starts on the 8th February 2017 and consists of 10 Wednesday evenings (1900-2100) and 5 full day Saturdays (0930-1630) finishing on 12th April 2017

The price for the Accelerated course is:

Club members £225 (includes lunch on Saturdays)
Non-members £300 (includes club membership for the duration of the course and lunch on Saturdays)



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