RYA One-day First Aid Course

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In a medical emergency a little First Aid knowledge and immediate action can save lives, especially in remote locations.
This RYA one-day course is MCA and HSE approved and should be considered an essential support for all skippers of yachts and motor vessels and those interested in the safety of themselves and others at sea.

The course completion certificate is a requirement for the RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore qualification and needs updating every three years.

The price is £75 for members and £90 for non-members, including lunch, plus £10 for the First Aid Manual.
All the usual first aid topics relating them specifically to on the water scenarios.

The next course is Thursday 28th September 2017. Click on the blue link at the bottom of the page. 

Email office@littleshipclub.co.uk for more information.


The Course Objectives and syllabus for the RYA First Aid Course ensure that by the end of the course the student should be able to:

§  Perform CPR to current protocols and understand the differential for drowning

§  Understand the importance of the recovery position and the need to modify it for a small space

§  Apply direct pressure to a wound and control bleeding

§  Understand the term shock (circulatory), recognise and treat it, with particular reference to internal and external bleeding

§  Understand the treatment for cold shock and hypothermia following immersion and/or exposure

§  Recognise the signs of a reduced level of response, with particular reference to serious head injuries


Also be aware of the general treatment for:

§  Breathing difficulties

§  Anaphylaxis

§  Chest pain

§  Hyperthermia

§  Seasickness

§  Fractures

§  Diabetic emergency

§  Seizures (Epilepsy)

§  Burns



Understand how to get medical advice or assistance by radio

Understand how to prepare for the evacuation of a casualty by helicopter

Choose suitable first aid equipment for the boat


Knowledge assumed: 


Experience required: 


Ability after the course: 

Simple practical first aid at sea


Training categories: