RYA Radar Course

Minimum duration: 

1 day

The price is £75 for members and £90 for non-members, including the provision of all course materials.

The operation of the small boat Radar including interpretation of the display and plotting techniques.
This course is taught on the latest PC based simulation software. The aim is to equip students to use small boat Radar to assist decision making in navigation, pilotage and collision avoidance.

Remember that if there is a radar set on board, Rule 5 of the COLREGs requires its use in poor visibility, this is therefore an essential course for those who plan to skipper such vessel(s) or are interested in the use of this equipment.

The next course will be on the Saturday 16th September 2017 starting at 09:00.

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Knowledge assumed: 


Experience required: 


Ability after the course: 

A basic understanding of Radar and set controls, plotting, collision avoidance and navigation techniques.


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