Spliced and Braided Rope Workshop


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This is a more advanced course than Basic Rope Work and introduces techniques for handling both covered and hollow braided ropes of various types. Specifically, it covers in depth the production of eye splices and soft shackles and an exclusive technique for finishing halyards. Included in the price are an illustrated handbook (containing material not available elsewhere), a set of special tubular fids (to keep) and practice materials.

The competitive pricing means that the tools alone would cost more from some chandlers and the skipper can expect to recoup his cost on the first occasion of renewing running rigging. The course runs for a total of six hours, spread over three weekday evenings. Very high instructor involvement ensures successful completion of the techniques covered.

Cost is £70 for members and £95 for non-members.

This is a 3 evening course. The next course dates are 29 November, 6 and 11 December. 7pm - 9pm.


51° 46' 53.1696" N, 0° 48' 56.646" W

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