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Solos on the Thames

 My curiosity has always been piqued by a door in a wall next to the Thames marked Twickenham Yacht Club.  Luckily for me, Charlie Quayle and Jill Moffatt actually went through it - and one of their members recently joined the LSC. So this Saturday afternoon I went down to see some of their regatta for myself.I watched Enterprises and Solos from the TYC and Minima Sailing Club (from Kingston) race for the Firkin Trophy. It's a wonderful small wooden replica of a half firkin barrel with huge silver sail.  The sailing was very relaxed. With a start line stretching across the whole river near the end of Eel Pie Island, navigation included avoiding the pleasure boats, trip boats and young men in pirate hats in rowing boats.  TYC won the trophy.

TYC was formed in 1897 and has about 200 members. Everyone was friendly and the clubhouse is very cosy. Members of over 10 years standing can design their own plaque and place it on the clubroom wall - maybe the LSC should have a similar feature?