Amazing Sailing Stories

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Dick Durham

Publisher: Fernhurst Books

Dick Durham has gathered a wide variety of sailing stories from the annals of the last two centuries covering tragedy, seamanship skills and exploiting good fortune. Many of the stories are covered in more detail, elsewhere, but the compilation is captivating and an absorbing read. The tragic story of the General Grant, a three mast barque, swallowed by a cave on the Auckland Islands in windless conditions is indeed tragic. A novice’s navigation error led to a sailor reaching Brazil rather than Antigua. Stories of human endeavour amongst the sailing fraternity show man’s resourcefulness and ingenuity at surviving gale whipped headlands, tempestuous seas and yet enjoying the delights of cruising among tropical islands. The author’s experiences on a Fastnet race may appeal to those who have themselves considered participating. A wonderful collection of sailing stories from across the centuries and around the world.



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