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Skipper's Mast and Rigging Guide


Rene Westerhuis ; Publisher: Adlard Coles Nautical

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This is an excellent, very detailed guide to all aspects of rigging, mast stepping, rig trim and maintenance. The descriptions and explanations are as detailed as manufacturers' instructions, but in a format and language designed to be used by a skipper and on deck. As part of the Adlard Coles' series of cockpit guides, all pages are laminated with a spiral wire spine so are easy to fold back and use while you work. The layout itself is designed to be helpful with check lists in clear numbered paragraphs on a red background and Tips as bullet points on a grey background.


Skipper's Outboard Motor Guide


Hans Donat Publisher: Adlard Coles Nautical

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This book guides the boat owner in how to operate and maintain an outboard - the emphasis is on medium to large size outboards.

This makes it not so useful for users of yachts and bigger motor boats that tend to use outboard of a smaller size - but still makes a valuable guide for any outboard engine user.

The illustrations is clear and the guide is sufficiently detailed to explain how the various parts of an outboard function and how to deal with less complicated faults.



What's in the Diesel you're buying?

Diesel quality?

The quality of the diesel in your tank is an important safety issue. Regulations are changing, and we all need to ask questions about the fuel we are buying. You can help by gathering information about what's going on in the real world and feeding it back to help negotiations with the authorities. The Cruising Association is lobbying the government, and now's our chance to show the Little Ship Club can be influential too by co-operating with them.


Diesel fuel users need to be aware of danger of microbial contamination

"Diesel Bug" Fuel contamination

Following a sharp rise in reports of the microbiological contamination of biofuels, the managing director of a leading fuel biocide producer is urging boat operators and other large-scale users of biodiesel to be aware of this serious and expensive problem that can easily be prevented.