Weather Forecasting

Heavy Weather Sailing


Peter Bruce (Editor)

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978 1 4729 2319 6 (Hardback)

Published by Adlard Coles Nautical (Bloomsbury Publishing Plc)

Adlard Coles’ classic work first appeared 50 years ago and this is the seventh edition. It remains probably the best overall account of heavy weather conditions, although Tom Cunliffe’s Heavy Weather Cruising, published by Fernhurst, concentrates on the practical issues and is excellent value.



Practical Weather Forecasting

This course is designed to build on the theory imparted in RYA shore-based courses and show how the amateur sailor can marshal a range of resources to produce a bespoke weather forecast. Synoptic, meso-scale and convective-scale data are brought together to take advantage of both traditional and modern electronic sources. Emphasis is laid on the integration of weather forecasting and passage planning to enable the yachtsman, in some cases, to forecast marine weather to a better standard than the professionals and to achieve some independence when professional resources are not available.


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Royal Meteorological Society Competition

Mon, 07/11/2016 - 09:00

Have you ever sat on your boat, becalmed, in the pouring rain, cursing the weatherman who forecast sun and steady breezes with a ‘light chance’ of showers? That weatherman knew it might rain, but didn’t have time in his bulletin to convey that if the wind dropped before midday that meant the rain front may then move slower as a result, and rather than have the rain blow through, you’ll be sat bobbing around at the back of the fleet, watching your regatta chances drizzle on your limp and lifeless spinnaker.



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