Marsden March 4th March 2018

Thank you, thank you for your generous contribution  Here we are at the start, Mike and Geoff two mates from college days about to start the Marsden March Sunday 4th of March 2018.    But first some history:  In 1963 I started my undergraduate course in chemistry and Mike was on the same course, we soon formed a small gang with others from different faculties so the early to mid sixties saw us doing all sorts of things from visits to Brands Hatch when you could get in free and unchecked on practice days, t

This is not a sailing blog as such but a fragment of life blog plus sailing as a major theme. First mate on so many sailing adventures from Norfolk Broads in the early 60s to very memorable BVI and Desolation Sound cruises with the Little Ship Club has been my darling Caroline. She organised the huge fun on the BVI cruise, the whole of the River Lot (I was just a driver of her car and skipper of her boat), the provisioning of many, many trips in the Med and so on so I have been very lucky to have her. She has done her bit taking the helm when I had to be at the mast (with harness) getting the main down in a near gale, and done this more than once; so a short walk, by me, on the Marsden March to raise funds for the wonderful Royal Marsden Hospital, is a small price to pay. I am asking members of the Little Ship Club for donations as many will know Caroline and the club has been the focus of our social as well as our sailing life for a couple of decades.

So why am I so grateful to The Royal Marsden? Twice in the last 22 years the skills, excellence and care of the staff have given my Caroline a new lease of life. The latest, as many will know, is remission from ovarian cancer. So on the 4th of March I will be part of a sponsored walk from one branch of the institution in South Ken/Chelsea to the other branch in Sutton, 14 miles away. At our 40th wedding anniversary party held at the Little Ship club a few years back friends gave donations to the Marsden instead of giving us presents and this raised over £2000. But now is the time to give again.

I am number 4415 and have set up an account at to accept donations. I am leaving my sponsorship form at reception, or you can sponsor me on Here is the link to my page:, or go to the website and enter Geoffrey Quentin in the search box right at the top. Then select Geoffrey Quentin from the short list of names that comes up and my page will appear. Click on 'Donate' and follow the instructions.

Fair winds, calm seas and safe anchorages to us all.

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