Round the World - Ocean plastic - eXXpedition

I will be joining a scientific and awareness raising voyage from Vanuatu to Cairns in June 2020.

This is an all female voyage of discovery of science, collecting samples from the ocean surface water, the water column, seabed and shoreline, sharing stories and creating a group that will help find solutions. The data collected will be analysed by scientists at universities in Plymouth and Georgia to find out more about what type of plastic, where the plastics it is, where it comes from and the impact that it is having on the health of the ocean and on us,

As a sailor and an architect I hope to experience first hand the impact of the global problem of pollution of the ocean. Then I will return to seek solutions on land.

Yesterday, I was in Plymouth for the final briefing and send off. David Clements, Mike Gill and I on Bagheera sailed out into the Plymouth Sound. We were waving and tooting the foghorn to celebrate the start of the Round the World. All very exciting!!!

You can track the voyage on the eXXpedition website.

nicola de quincey, 09.10.2019 | More from nicola de quincey’s blog