Keith Martin, our HPO for Northern East Brittany, writes --> Publication of the National and Local Protocols has provoked a number of queries that have required further clarification from the Steering and Information Section (CRPC) of the Regional Customs Authority in Brittany

We have been able to obtain clarification on certain points, and the more important of these are given hereunder :

  1. If a boat arrives in France via a non-PPF port (see Annexe 2 attached) it should only leave by another non-PPF port. No inspection of passports is required, as all information concerning  persons on board is contained in the Declarations of Arrival and Departure submitted to the marina authorities for onward transmission to the Border Authorities.
  2. If a boat arrives and leaves by the same non-PPF  port, no inspection of passports is required for the same reasons as given in 1)
  3. If a boat arrives in France via a PPF port (see Annexe 3) it must leave via a PPF port, and passports will be stamped on arrival and departure by the Border Authorities,  although Declarations of Arrival and Departure must still be submitted to the relevant marina authorities.

In the event that a boat arrives in France via a non-PPF port with the intention of leaving France via a PPF port, be warned that all those on board must  present themselves ON ARRIVAL to the PPF port to which the non-PPF port is attached to have their passports stamped. For example as Brest is the PPF for L’Aber Wrac’h and L’Aber Wrac’h is the entry port into France, the boat should proceed initially to Brest before continuing to L’Aber Wrac’h. 

When planning a cruise this requirement must be taken into account to avoid any delays or misunderstandings

I trust this helps those planning to sail to France this season. We understand that the Regional Authorities in Brittany will collate all such enquiries and present them to the national authorities, authors of the Protocols, at the end of the season, to see if any changes to the Protocols need to be addressed.



Keith Martin

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