Watch TEDxCowes on Ocean Sustainability

List of Speakers at TEDxCowes Ocean - Inspire

Thanks to the efforts of LSC member Leonardo Zangrando who is passionate about Ocean Sustainability TEDxCowes Ocean - Inspire containing many thoughtful ideas worth spreading can be seen by clicking on the link below. From Silvia Earle's "There is a limit to what we can take out of the sea" and her heartfelt wish to save and restore the oceans, to Gavin Alright's wind assisted shipping, Vincent Doumeizel seaweed revolution, Andrew Hunt's answer to unsustainable fishing and seabed destruction in the Solent, Elizabeth Bachrad's reciprocal exchange between water and wellbeing, how Joshua Spode has changed his life by avoiding DOOF and Kika Mews took up sailing to gain freedom and a sustainable lifestyle. The series of 7 talks are available on YouTube and through this link:

Barrie Martin, 09.11.2021 | More from Barrie Martin’s blog