YawlI used to have a Salcombe Yawl. That was a while ago - before our son was born. Y132 wasn't the raciest of boats although she could compete in the SYC blue (second) fleet. But what it also gave us was the quiet freedom of the harbour. But with the arrival of the boy she was used very little. "Hold the baby whilst we jibe" was not the sort of phrase designed to ensure marital harmony. We sold her when he was one.


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Summer on the Solent

Best moment: sailing back from Bembridge after a perfect camping/sailing weekend of glorious sunshine with four teenagers and two 'grown ups' on a 26' boat (hence the camping element). As you can see from the pictures, it felt more like the Med than the Solent.

Swimming off the boat in Priory Bay

Climbing on board after a swim






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