Suhaili Falmouth Parade of Sail

We are approaching 50 years since Sir Robin Knox-Johnston departed Falmouth to be the first to complete a non-stop solo circumnavigation. The Falmouth Town Team and the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club have organised an event to celebrate this anniversary.

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Caribbean Rally

Grenada turned out to be a fantastic substitute for the rally  planned for the British Virgin Islands and cancelled because of the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma.  The Caribbean Islands or the West Indies are a massive archipelago stretching from Miami to Venezuela. Columbus called these Islands Indies because he thought he had discovered Asia sailing east to west. The Windward Islands was a British colony from 1833 to 1960. Today there are four separate countries, Martinique, St Lucia, St Vincent & the Grenadines & Grenada.

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Winter in Sydney

In June I helped some friends sail their Cavalier 38 up the coast. We were expecting to get to Queenlsand but only got to Nelson Bay (about 80nm when the skipper fell off and broke two ribs. That ended that adventure. No pictures unfortunately.

Regular winter maintenance goes on aboard Tulip and there have been nice days of cool sunshine and some SW winds which make good sailing in Sydney Harbour.

The highlight of July was the Middle Harbour Yacht Club, Cruising Division Long Lunch last weekend. I attach a photo which will give you an idea of it. About 30 attendees which is a good number since many of the members have sailed north to cruise the Barrier Reef and Queenland coast.



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Circumnavigation of Britain

David Clements and the crew of Bagheera of Whitby on 16th July completed a successful circumnavigation of Britain, from Dartmouth to Dartmouth anti-clockwise via the Caledonian Canal. LSC members Mike Gill, Nicola De Quincey, Barrie Martin, Don Walker, Sylvia Chesters and Martin Sandford all took part at various times. Attached is a picture of Bagheera in Peel Harbour on the Isle of Man. David will be giving a talk about the trip at the Club on 26th September.

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