Clipper RtWR update 2: Start of Leg 4

Sylvia Chesters has set sail;  Leg 4 of the Clipper Round the World Race has begun! Full details of the route are available on the Clipper website here where you can follow the progress of GREAT Britain & Northern Ireland and positions of all the boats in the Race Standings.

The 2,088 nautical miles from Albany to Sydney will take the racers through some of the most inhospitable and treacherous waters on the planet:

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Clipper RtWR update 1: A Watery Experience in Taman Negara Jungle, Malaysia

So on my way to Australia to join the Clipper race, I have just spent two days on the river Tembling in Taman Negara (National Park) in Malaysia. Preparation for the Clipper race? Well, it's an extremely wet experience, getting soaked either in the monsoon or on the river or just because in the high humidity it is difficult not to sweat continuously!

The 16 seater narrow boats that transport the visitors and locals around the river, driven from the stern with a Yamaha outboard motor at full throttle, can and need to move fast to navigate upstream against the flow. They are low in the water and the roof does little to protect passengers once a rain storm is underway.

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News from HPO David Lakeman

Some up-to-date information from HPO David Lakeman, who has crossed the Alboran and Balearic Seas to move from Agadir to Antibes. He is no longer living in Agadir, Morocco but now lives in the south of France near Nice/ Antibes. His boat " Lady Sally Anne" is currently ashore for a winter refit in Baie des Anges Marina, close to Antibes. Any member visiting the area can contact him on any of the following numbers should they require assistance for anything.

French landline : 0033 ( 0 ) 422 161 413
French mobile : 0033 ( 0 ) 6921 8076
UK Mobile : 07528 479 770

Address :
26, Montee de la Bourgade
Haut de Cagnes
Cagnes sur Mer

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Ronhilda's Gentle Oct FC

For October's Fast Cruise Ronhilda had a reduced crew and his skipper was still suffering from, and had not recovered from, his appendix operation in July. So it was decided the journey from his Gulag located in the far east in Chichesterstan would be taken easily and the actual cruise would be with a small sail plan.

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Clipper Round the World Race Blog

A message from Sylvia, an LSC member participating in the Clipper Round the World Race 2016:

As some of you will know I am taking part in the Clipper race on GREAT Britain and Northern Ireland boat. UNICEF is the official charity for the race and each boat is aiming to raise £20,000.

I have set up a JustGiving page and this is the link:

Please make a donation, however small.

If you wish to read about some of the work that UNICEF is doing around the world and with Clipper, you can start here:, and

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HPOs meet members on Shannon Rally

On the recent LSC Shannon Rally in Ireland,  it was an occasion that several HPOs had the opportunity to meet together -   Larry Blount - Annapoli;  Bill Thomas - Philadelphia;  Caroline Sedgwick - Portsmouth and  Tim and Gabbie Ryan - Waterford.

After the Rally had finished, Tim and Anne visited Dun Laoghaire to meet up with HPO Ronan Beirne who had been unable to join the Rally.  They had a lovely lunch at the National Yacht Club and a tour of the Maritime Museum which houses many historical memorabilia from over the years and the very elegant Library followed by  a short tour down the coast and up to The Stones which are above Dun Laoghaire to get an overall picture of the vast Dublin Bay.

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If you want to write a blog about the 2016 joint Channel Islands Cruise, sign up now.

The details are in the On The Water page.

If you are wondering why we are recruiting so early, it is because this rally is bigger and longer than most. There are more boats, more people, more parties, more Fast Cruises, more fun, more organized visits and dinners.

We are a team of 6 and we are already busy so that our guests from our sister Club, the American Corinthians, can arrange their holiday flights in good time. Twenty of them have already signed and more are planning to.

If you want to join in, do so now.

Details are at the bottom of the rally page in On the Water.

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Information from HPO ROY FACEY, ADEN

Following information received from Roy: Many thanks for the message, and my apologies for the lack of contact recently.  I do indeed receive the Journal, thank you, and various messages from the Club by email.  I may be able to get to the 2016 HPO dinner, as I've had to apologize for the past few years due to not being in the UK at the right time. I left Aden in 2011 because of the situation there, but have been closely involved in getting a Nicholson 48 there ready to leave Aden for the Mediterranean as soon as the situation allows.  We hope to get her to Port Sudan or Suakin, where I would join for the voyage to a marina in Spain.There are no yachts passing Aden at present due to the situation in the region and the security advice to keep well away from that area.  I have just checked again with the Deputy Chairman of the port.  Yachtowners have to either sail around Africa or ship bo
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