Calling all members!

Now that the sailing season is in full swing and members are sailing off over the horizons, remember to take the LSC JOURNAL with you on your boat as it contains all the information you need to contact our HPOs in the relevant ports that you will be visiting.

Give them a call and meet up for a chat or drink and make them feel a part of our Little Ship Club fraternity.

I look forward to hearing how many contacts we get this season.

Fair weather and good sailing.

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St Vaast, Volvo and AIS

Trips to St Vaast are usually a treat and the May Bank Holiday excursion was no exception.


We’d signed up Shearwater months ago when Graham Broadway first mentioned the possibility of a club rally but as the date grew closer, doubts about our ability to take part grew. The problem was our engine. At Easter, we discovered our trusty Volvo Diesel to be a little less trusty than usual. Lots of smoke, a lack of revs and an inability to push Shearwater convincingly against even a very slight tide meant that it really couldn’t be trusted at all. 


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Ronhilda goes to St Vaast ( or actually Portland Marina as it turned out)

Having signed up for Grahams St Vaast Rally this BH weekend I had done more than I normally do for a cross channel trip, even putting in a course on my iPad. The only issues in the week leading up to the rally were my large 28 year old 145% Genoa was not back from  the Sailmaker having suffered in the winter fast cruises and I could not shake off a severe earache. 

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Ronhildas Final 2014/5 March Gourmet Fast Cruise

Whilst the yacht was in Gosport  Andy Chatterton went up the mast fo rme to recover the Ticktack wireless masthead sender unit. Raymarine knew all about the Ticktack flat battery problem and had got a replacment unit out almost as soon as I had got through the door.  Apparently the design has been changed so you can now replace just the masthead battery only every 8 years or so, but the old design units (mine) have to be changed completely fo rthe new  (at a cost of over £300!!!)  Friday evening Andy again went up the mast with your scribe winching and reported it was dam cold 21metres up.  I am truely grateful for his efforts which meant Ronhida had working wind instruments again for the first time since October '14

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Due to personal reasons, David and Alice moved away from Rhode Island, and David has now asked to step down from being HPO for that region.

David has been our HPO for over 15 years and many of you will know him personally, sailing with the Corthinians and over here with the LSC Cruises.  It is a sad loss but I am sure we will still be seeing him sailing here or in the States over the coming years.

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Ronhilda's Feb Fast Cruise

Wary of the weekend weather forecast all the crew ( bar one confined to bed with manflu)  joined Ronhilda on the Friday afternoon.  We then made a short trip to Gosport Marina in the late afternoon sun.  I must have found the gravel hump on Chichester Bar as we only had 0.7m depth under the lowered keel on the shallowest part even at half tide.  Breaking waves were noted on the sand banks either side of the harbour entrance, and the East Winner shallows off Langstone entrance had a good display of white water. As the wind was turning Westerly and backing the geny at this point we furled sail to avoid getting anywhere near these breakers and motored the rest of the way.  Distance sailed was 11miles with max speed 8kts.

We had an excellent value Fish and Chips meal at Gosport followed by a pint in the Castle and retired to our berths to listen to the wind increasing overnight.

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Stuart Aikman, HPO Fetiyhe, Turkey, will be visiting the Club on Tuesday 24 February and if there is any member who wishes to ask about sailing facilities in that area or the legal aspects of buying/selling property in Turkey, please make yourself know to him...

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Ronhilda's 20 mile Nearly Jan Fast Cruise

The forecast in the week for the Jan FC was uncertain, but seemed to be settling down to a brisk N/NW on the day with a bit of a lull on the Saturday morning.  So with it being Neaps I was looking forward to an easy passage out from Chichester followed by a  crisp hard sail and Charles's course for the day looked very good for all  FCers coming from North, East and West.

Friday saw an unexpected lull which made me a little nervous things were moving through quicker, but the forecast was still for NW/N F5/6 when we needed to be punching our westwards so I was still confidant of a good day.  Foolish skipper that I am, 5am in Chichester Marina saw snow falling which froze on the pontoon woods and a steadily building W wind. We noted the dredger which is digging out Birdham approach had shut up shop for the weekend in view of the forecast F8s.

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The annual Honorary Port Officers Dinner is fast approaching and will be held on TUESDAY 13 JANUARY 2015 starting at 7pm for dinner at 7.30pm.

As this evening is extremely popular, please remember to book early so that you will not be disappointed.

Sir Robin will be talking about his adventures on the high seas in the Route du Rhum race, which he successfully completed coming 3rd in his class - makes me feel a little old!!

Look forward to seeing you all on the evening.


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