A West Country Cruise in Willow 2013

Friday 21 June

Journeyed to Deacons Yard, well laden with clothes, supplies and bits for the boat by train in the morning and persuaded Aladdin’s Cave to check out the rigging of Willow, a Sadler 32, which was completed within the hour. Alja arrived a later and shortly afterwards we started the engine and slipped moorings just after mid-day picking up diesel (40 litres) from the Hamble Marina refuelling point. With two reefs in the main and two thirds genoa we sailed into a stiff south westerly force 5, in sunshine, with forecasts of stronger winds to come. We arrived at Yarmouth and chose a walk ashore berth and were tied up by 7pm. We had supper on board and examined the weather forecast to see if there was a chance to sail the following day – there wasn’t.

Saturday 22 June

Martyn Graham, 30.07.2013 | More from Martyn Graham’s blog