'Cayman Islands' City Racing Challenge and the LSC

I took Odin over to Cowes for the weekend to support the Laser SB3 regatta that Pelican Racing organised. We had several members competing (look for them in these photos). Competitors turned up to our pontoon drinks wet and salty and so grateful for the beers we laid on as part of our sponsorship of the regatta.

The racing was intense - five races around a short triangular course and the boats were out for around four or five hours on Sat and much the same on Sun - see lots of better photos. There were incidents (I can't reveal all but may be prepared to blab for the price of a ginger beer) and a couple of people had short dunkings.

Make sure you spot the rectangular flags we had flying on every backstay - like our burgee only not. And isn't the Pelican design on the sails fantastic?

Caroline Sedgwick, 26.07.2010 | More from Caroline Sedgwick’s blog

Boating Thames style

Solos on the Thames

 My curiosity has always been piqued by a door in a wall next to the Thames marked Twickenham Yacht Club.  Luckily for me, Charlie Quayle and Jill Moffatt actually went through it - and one of their members recently joined the LSC. So this Saturday afternoon I went down to see some of their regatta for myself.

Caroline Sedgwick, 05.07.2010 | More from Caroline Sedgwick’s blog