This is the secure payment page to pay for Little Ship Club Regalia.

Please use the Comments box for any specific requests.

For overseas postage rates please select 'Overseas Order - please email me a quote'.  Overseas Postage to be paid separately.


Below are LSC Regalia items available from the club office. These are available for delivery or collection (accept cookery books & Plotters & Dividers - which are only available for collection). If you wish for your items to be delivered please add the relevant postage. If the postage is not correct we will be unable to send the items.
£ 15.00
£ 6.00
£ 11.25

Please note - a permit is needed to fly our defaced Blue Ensign. Please contact the club office for information. You need to be a member for minimum of a year before you are able to apply.
£ 5.00
Please note that the cookery books are available for collection only.
£ 25.00
£ 15.00
£ 15.00
£ 13.50
The hoody comes in light blue, cream or navy
£ 13.50
Sweater is in Light Blue, Red or Purple

Please indicate here for collection or delivery - NOTE - FOR OVERSEAS POSTAGE PLEASE SELECT 'Overseas Order - please email me a quote'. Payment for overseas postage to be paid seperately
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