• The basics, Lat /Long, great circles. Departure, Marine slide rule.
  • Celestial Sphere,  Geographical Position, Zenith, Declination (ecliptic),  Zenith Distance. Time and Longitude. Greenwich Hour Angle, Local Hour Angle.
  • The theory of a meridian noon sun sight. DR Estimate,
  • Introducing The Nautical Almanac. Work some examples.
  • The Sextant (errors), Hands on practice. The Marine Chronometer (errors).
  • The Meridian Lat sight worked. Use the Almanac. Increments and Corrections. Equation of Time. Proforma.
  • Sun intercepts, GOAT, Sun/ Run / Sun. Plotting Charts. Introducing Aero Sight Reduction Tables.
  • Work examples with Proforma. Plot position.
  • The stars, First point of Aries, SHA, Star epoch table. P&N. 
  • Work through examples.  Plot intercepts.
  • Polaris

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