Starts: 13/09/2023 - 19:00
Ends: 20/09/2023 - 21:00

This is a more advanced course than Basic Seamanship, but the two are independent and can be taken in either order. It is especially popular with owners and long-distance cruisers, who see the satisfaction in, and benefits of, being able to maintain their own rigging.

Techniques are introduced for handling braided ropes of various types, specifically covering in depth the production of braided rope eye splices and soft shackles, and a special technique for finishing halyards. A maximum of only three students for each instructor means that we can give closely-tailored guidance to ensure successful completion. The course runs for a total of four hours, spread over two evenings.

Included in the price are an illustrated handbook – containing material not available elsewhere – which covers the techniques in fine detail, and practice materials. The special tools needed are provided during the course, and can be purchased at the end at a competitive price.

One month’s membership of the Club is included – why not give it a try?

Member price: £95
Non-member price: £125