Published by  Fonthill Media

I first came across Nick Ardley’s books a couple of years ago, courtesy of my sister. ‘Swinging the Lamp’ is his latest publication and continues his pleasingly unique view of the Thames, Medway and East Coast. He gives an insightful glimpse into the history – both on and by the water –of these remote areas, with a relaxed prose and a knowledgeable background, especially concerning Thames sailing barges – Nick was brought up on SB May Flower - and all accompanied by many photographs spanning the decades.

‘Swinging the Lamp’ continues his gently drifting and very readable style into the remote creeks and inlets of the vast Thames Estuary which encompasses the Kent, Essex and Suffolk coastlines. A delightful book for those summer evenings anchored in a quiet creek, or for the winter nights in front of a roaring fire – whisky to hand – dreaming of the coming season’s adventures. A thoroughly good read.


ISBN number: 9781781554982