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Duncan Wells, who last spoke to the club in the autumn of 2016, will remind us of his ground-breaking, robust techniques for getting off the dock and back on again when short-handed. All techniques can be managed by one person from the cockpit of their boat. He will update the techniques with some new ideas. He will also share some of the handy tips and hints from his new book, Stress Free Navigation, and he will give us well thought out procedures for retrieving a man back on board, if the unthinkable should happen. All delivered with Duncan’s usual style and humour.


Duncan Wells is the principal of Westview Sailing, an RYA instructor, author of Stress Free Sailing and Stress Free Motorboating, and the soon to be published Stress Free Navigation. He is also the creator of MOB Lifesavers and is involved with safety and rescue professionals in testing and finding better ways of locating the MOB and retrieving him back on board.


Followed by a club supper.


Main course

Jerk chicken, macaroni cheese, corn on the cob, coleslaw, sweet potatoes



Mango and lime posset



(Could you please let us know by 7.00pm)

Sweet potato and chickpea patty

Date and time

Tue, 05 Jun 2018 19:00
 Members and guests only