Created: 13 Jan 2018 13:39
Updated: 19 Dec 2018 11:08

The Fast Cruise 2 will be going to Southampton Town Quay Marina and on to La Regata Restaurant for tapas. The courses are now available to download in the pdf file attached.

When you book you will need to pay the regular £5 per person rally fee.


 La Regata Restaurant, Town Quay, SO14 2AR , which is very close to the Marina.

The Tapas menu is attached as a PDF. Please order from this, not the restaurant’s website. Please use the Spanish names for the dishes (not the English translation).

The deadline for booking is 5pm on Friday, 9th November.

On the booking form, please allocate the food order to each crew rather than the total per boat, thus:

Number for dinner: 3

Food Choices by individual:

Fred Bloggs
Tortilla, Pan Con Alioli, Pollo Al Chorizo, Patatas dos Salsas

Andy Pandy
Tortilla, Pan Catalan, Albondigas, Polo Ajillo, Boquerones Fritos

Looby Loo
Tortilla, Arroz Con Chorizo, Sardinas Escabece

You will need to pay on the night for the food and any drinks and including a tip for the serving staff.


Berths have been reserved at Town Quay Marina. Please let the marina office know that you are with the rally to qualify for the rally discount. Skippers should settle their own berthing fees on the day. See below for the link to the marina website.

If on the day you are not going to take up your reserved berth, please let the marina and rally organisers know. This will avoid unnecessary concern and chasing around to make sure that you are ok.


The Courses are now published as a pdf file (see above).

Date and time

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 11:00
 Members and guests only

Storm Petrel storms back!

The November Fast Cruise was an exhilarating day of fast sailing in cool and windy conditions and as always in excellent company.