The Little Ship Club is a yacht club for sailors, motor boaters and non-sailors alike.

Being a member of the Little Ship Club enables you to:

 Enjoy sailing in good company whether you have a boat or not

 Learn and gain new sailing skills that make your sailing more enjoyable

 Enjoy private members dining in our beautiful Thameside Club in the heart of London

 Join in with our social events and lecture programmes in the clubhouse

and much, much more


Here's a summary of what you get from the Little Ship Club

Organised sailing events

Our members organise sailing events in UK coastal waters, the English Channel and further afield including the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

We hold rallies and cruises during the sailing season and Solent Fast Cruises over the winter.  This year we have events on the South coast, East coast, and throughout Europe.  Every other year we hold a joint cruise with our sister club in the USA, The Corinthians, where members sail as guests on each other's yachts.


Sail whatever your experience

You don't have to be a boat owner or an experienced sailor to enjoy your membership. There are plenty of opportunities available for you to gain experience with our other members.

Use our Crew service that matches up skippers and crews for Little Ship Club events and for members making their own voyages.


Enjoy our Thameside club

Our stunning riverside club has great views over the Thames. It's a wonderful place to relax, bring friends and have a meal from our top class menu. You can enjoy lunch any weekday, and lights snacks and refreshments are available throughout the day.


Top notch training to improve your sailing

We offer a number of RYA training programmes to make your sailing safer and more enjoyable. We also have our own club-based courses such as rope work and practical weather forecasting.


Great value accommodation

We have 5 cabins you can use for great value accommodation in the heart of London. Each cabin fits two, bunk-bed style.


Extensive discounts

We have lots of discounts for members for all sorts of goods and services.


Our library

The Club has a comprehensive reference and lending library, which doubles as a venue for our Tuesday night lectures.


Enjoy membership across the world

We have reciprocal membership with other sailing clubs across the globe.

We also have a global network of officers providing local knowledge to help you with your passage planning, restaurants and marina facilities.


Meet new friends

Join us in the convivial atmosphere of our weekly Club Nights. Enjoy our guest speakers, covering a very wide range of topics. Meet other members over a two-course club supper all in our wonderful building on the Thames.


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If you're ready for the Little Ship Club, trial membership is best.

This is so you can see if the Little Ship Club suits you.

You can move onto an annual rate if you like us, or leave with no obligation.

Our annual membership rates are below.


Membership Category

Paid annually by Direct Debit

Paid Monthly by
Direct Debit

UK Member (UK)
Aged over 40 yrs


35.00 per month

UK under 40 (U40)

Aged under 40 yrs

240.00 21.00 per month

Overseas Member (OM)

Residing overseas

 200.00 17.50 per month

Associate Member (AM)
Use of Club at lunch times & evenings only
(except Tuesdays and when hired out for private use)
and cabins

220.00 20.00per month

Senior Members (SM)

Members over 67
who have completed 5 years of continuous

 260.00 23.00 per month


Person in full time education under age of 30
(see notes below)

40.00 Not available

Joining Fee
All Membership Categories except Students


75.00 NA

Joint Membership

Discount available to two adults, regardless of their relationship,
living at the same address

Category Rate + 50% Category Rate + 50%
  • Automatic annual renewal at join date
  • There is a one-off Joining fee of £75 - not applicable to Students
  • Monthly Direct Debits - these are accepted for those who wish to spread the cost of membership fees - any member cancelling mid-year is still liable for any outstanding fees.
  • Joint Membership only available for categories UK Member, Under 40, Overseas & Associate
  • Relatives under age 18: Close relatives of full members can join the Club for free
  • Full time students aged 30 or over can be admitted to this category at the discretion of the RC Membership.


Get instant membership to the Little Ship Club

If you're ready for the Little Ship Club, take out a trial membership with us today and click the button below...

3 month trial membership

Only £80

Yes, let me in!