Created: 06 Dec 2013 00:20
Updated: 13 Oct 2017 10:39

There are two courses this weekend, one for boats with a LSC handicap of 1.101 and above and one for boats with a handicap of 1.100 and below.

The two courses start at different places - so it is essential you know which fleet / start area you belong to. The long course starts at N Sturbridge, the short course starts at Mother Bank. Both courses finish at Prince Consort.

Full details of both courses are contained within the following PDF file.

December 2013 - Courses

The control boat for this weekend's race is SKITTLES (yes, really) and all competitors should as usual keep a listening watch on VHF Ch 77 from 09.30 Saturday until they have either finished or retired from the event.


All competitors should call ‘Folly Launch’ on VHF Ch 72 for berthing instructions as they pass River Medina Port hand marker number 10. Berthing will be either on the walk ashore pontoon, or on the mid-river pontoon, depending amongst other things upon the weather. Please note - berthing on the walk ashore pontoon cannot be guaranteed but the harbour master will do his best.


Don't forget your fancy dress - see you on the tables.