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2008 Organiser's Report

Going by previous trends in the years since I took over running this annual event from the late Martin Rowbotham, I expected a very small number of entries. However, I was totally wrong! This year there were over 100 submissions from almost 30 photographers and artists. This is the second highest number of entries received in the 10 years since I was first a participant and more recently the organiser. The standard was high making it a hard task for the judges. The judges are last year's winners and as the exhibition and prize-giving date were earlier than usual it was difficult to get them all together on the evening. Three out of four made it and they were augmented with the enlistment of other members who did not have relatives or partners amongst the entrants. I am indebted to the judges some of the trainers and the librarian who entered their preferences from numbered photos giving no clue as to the photographer or artist. I am also delighted to tell you that this year horizons were level (a difficult feat when taking photographs from boats which are sailing or motoring), shots were in focus and (most important for a sailing club) photographic subjects in the Making Way category were doing just that. Very well done Little Ship Club photographers.

In every competition there are winners and losers. Every photo helped to make the exhibition and prize-giving that was held on Tuesday 2 December 2008 a great success. Five different members won a first prize in the five categories. I am indebted to the Commodore for presenting the certificates and small prizes. The winners and commendations are listed below, together with some of the entries singled out. The Alan Walden-Jones Memorial Trophy is the Commodore's personal choice and I know I am waiting agog to discover what his choice is from the all the short-listed entries. Roll on 2009 so that my curiosity can be assuaged. The Commodore presented this trophy to Patrick Smith for his photo of 'Greenwitch', now on display in the silver frame in the trophy cabinet. (ACM - Spring 2009)

Finally there will be a minor rule change in the next competition. Please read the flyer carefully to make sure your entries comply. This year's first class prize winners will be the main judges so they cannot compete. Closing date will be the first Tuesday in November 2009. Photographers please make a note in your diaries so that I don't have to disappoint you by refusing to accept entries which arrive too late.

Anne Malcolm, Photographic Competition Organiser 

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