Beluga Whale Spotted in River Thames

Photo by Mendar Bouchali on Unsplash

Anyone out sailing on the River Thames (around Gravesend, Kent to be specific) this afternoon might have come across a rather strange sight - a beluga whale!

First spotted by Dave Andrews, an ecologist and ornithologist, the whale seemed to have been looking for food around the barges situated there. Experts suggest that the whale is lost and could possibly be in trouble, however, they are hoping that with enough space, it should be able to find its way back to more familiar waters. Onlookers have been advised to keep their distance from the whale and to "watch it from the shore". 


The last time beluga whales were spotted in the UK was back in 2015. While sightings were 'extremely rare', they were found off the coast of Northumberland and Northern Ireland.


The Port of London Authority are keeping an eye on the whale, and hope that it can find its way back home soon. 

Lindsay Brophy, 25.09.2018 | More from Lindsay Brophy’s blog