October's Fast Cruise

A great day of sailing.

Once again, the "Frostbite" cruise was anything but.  Friday might have been wet and windy but Saturday was close to perfect. Winds between F2 and F4 from directions gradually working their way around from east to north-west; enough sunshine to break out the emergency supplies of sunblock and some great "fast cruising" (this is similar to racing, but with much less shouting and no protest committee). 

Thanks to the indefatigable Graham Broadway and everyone else who made it all possible.

Dinner at the RSrnYC was good, though there were a distressing number of people wearing ties. 

Sunday dawned grey and miserable and the rain started in earnest early in the afternoon, fortunately after Shearwater was safely tied up back home in Gosport. 

Andy Ormsby, 17.10.2013 | More from Andy Ormsby’s blog