This latest publication from Jimmy Cornell, the long distance cruising expert, is designed to be used with his World Cruising Routes. It is a first class reference book for anyone planning an ocean voyage and a fascinating read for someone who is just dreaming of one.

He covers all the world oceans - and their routes across. Each ocean is prefaced with a brief history of its maritime activities. The Indian Ocean, for example, has been an area of exploration and trade for nearly 3,000 years. The Egyptians and Mesoptamians cruised the area extensively in ancient times, the Chinese explored it in medieval times. The Europeans being johnny-come-latelies who only started on this ocean around 1500 AD. Piracy, it appears, is not a new phenomenon around here. Nonetheless Jimmy Cornell gives this ocean the same attention as he does the other great oceans. He covers, weather patterns, winds and currents, and advice on how to make the best of these. With European yachtsmen in mind gives advice to where to go, when to go and how to go; and perhaps more importantly how not to. And embellishes the whole with anecdotes from yachtsmen who have cruised the area.

He has been quick to name his sources (eg 20 years of satellite data for his pilot charts) and recommends various cruising guides for more detailed coastal information, apart from his own personal experience. This book contains a great deal of information, too much in fact to even list in a summary like this.

In fact, I would just say that if you are planning an ocean voyage or a world circumnavigation, don't go until you have studied this book.




ISBN number: 9781408140291