'Cayman Islands' City Racing Challenge and the LSC

I took Odin over to Cowes for the weekend to support the Laser SB3 regatta that Pelican Racing organised. We had several members competing (look for them in these photos). Competitors turned up to our pontoon drinks wet and salty and so grateful for the beers we laid on as part of our sponsorship of the regatta.

The racing was intense - five races around a short triangular course and the boats were out for around four or five hours on Sat and much the same on Sun - see lots of better photos. There were incidents (I can't reveal all but may be prepared to blab for the price of a ginger beer) and a couple of people had short dunkings.

Make sure you spot the rectangular flags we had flying on every backstay - like our burgee only not. And isn't the Pelican design on the sails fantastic?

For a full report and the results look here.

Why were we involved? Because the event was targeted at the sort of people we would love to join the club, because we are just not well known enough and to publicise the many and varied ways there are to go sailing these days. If you are going to be in Cowes why not say hi to the Pelican Racing guys and investigate their try a Laser offer? I once spent a week being tipped out of a Topper but I might be persuaded....

I'd really like to thank my crew for the weekend for their support, Jill Moffat, Charlie Quayle, Alja Schmidt-van Dorp and Michael Forbes Smith. I'd also like to thank Julie Coleclough (including for the buckets and the tablecloth and trays) and Robin Whaite for helping to fly the flag on Saturday at the drinks/barbeque.

I especially congratulate Barrie Martin, Nicola de Quincy, Deborah Dickson Gill, Kieran Ryan and Barrie's nephew Peter (is he a Martin too?) and the rest of their crews for getting soaked and bruised . Were there any other members there - if so sorry I forgot you. I look forward to seeing one of their blogs soon with tall tales.

Caroline Sedgwick, 26.07.2010 | More from Caroline Sedgwick’s blog