Channel Islands Cruise Blog: Pre-Rally meeting & dinner

The Corinthian cruise organisers celebrated the upcoming 90th birthday of Her Majesty the Queen with a committee meeting.  What better way to banish dull care and get everybody into a celebratory mood.  On the agenda:  arranging for a vintner to make deliveries to the boats in Cherbourg, deciding the menu for one of the dinners (smoked salmon and prawns, roast duck and profiteroles, since you ask), and the Guernsey bus service.   We then spent another hour telling a crowd of people (including a lot of people for whom it will be their first Corinthian cruise) about the delights in store (full details on the Cruise’s web page), before heading for the dining room for a particularly excellent dessert of several different types of chocolate, with freeze dried raspberry chips.  (Apparently a favourite of Her Majesty’s.)   

CCI Blog, 28.06.2016 | More from CCI Blog’s blog