Corinthians' Chesapeake Bay Cruise

Last week, members of the Little Ship Club travelled across the pond to join the Corinthians on their Chesapeake Bay Cruise. With 30 LSC attendees and 110 Corinthians, the cruise had a fantastic turnout.

While the weather at the beginning of the cruise was quite undesirable for sailing, with rain, thunderstorms and wind gales, the cruisers were determined to not let that ruin the experience. The sailors stayed in port at Chesapeake Yacht Club for an extra day before setting off. After a rocky start, the weather cleared up nicely and gave the cruisers a lot of sun, with some light cloud and temperatures reaching around 27C.

The Corinthians were wonderful hosts for the LSC and our members were well looked after over in the US. One of the highlights was an excellent dinner in the National Aquarium in Baltimore. While fish was on the menu, the members were assured that none of them came from the aquarium's fish tanks! 

Edward Epsen, 11.06.2018 | More from Edward Epsen’s blog